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Ruben Lancia
Co-Founder & CEO


“As we ride this journey we call life, a huge responsibility has been bestowed on us to make our life, and the life of everyone that surrounds us better”. Ruben often shares with others that as a child his father taught him this lesson at an early age and he has carried it with him wherever life has taken him, and now he teaches his four young kids the same lesson.

Upon graduating from York University in Toronto, Canada with a Business Administration degree, Ruben embarked on an entrepreneurial career which has taken him to many different countries around the world. At 23 years old he owned and operated a frozen beverage company that in a few short years opened up offices all over the south-western United States, United Kingdom and Italy. Ruben also started ventures in the construction industry in the southern Ontario region of Canada.

Ruben’s goal was to create a “movement” as he calls it that would enhance the lives of all those he reaches, especially those closest to him. Ruben understood that to accomplish this in a business, the venture had to address a systematic challenge that we all face. So Ruben had a revelation…. to address a major pet peeve in his life, the disconcerting and intimidating nature of the finance industry. Ruben believes that “It’s impossible for anybody to truly control or enhance their wealth if they are confused about how to accomplish this.” Ruben, his partners and a Team of Industry Experts have not only addressed this problem, but solve it for many individuals on a daily basis.

Ruben’s Mission and the Mission of the company he has co-founded, Discover CashFlow Inc, is very simple and found in their motto “Your Wealth, Simplified!”

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David Pineo
Co-Founder & President


David has a passion for people. He is driven to provide value through education and leadership. Realizing that creating wealth is made very complex and confusing, his focus is to Simplify Wealth for Canadians. David has many years of business success as a team based entrepreneur. He has built and lead teams across Canada and the US.

His motto is to strive to make the complex simple. He understands this is how we can make a true impact in the financial well-being of Canadians.

“Stress caused by money effects Canadians deeply in all areas of their lives. It is time to change that. It is our mission to create a system that is simple for Canadians to access and follow, and I believe we have done that.”

Our core values of integrity, growth and leadership will continue to push our team forward to be the best option for wealth creation on the market today.

With the team of experts that we have been able to attract to our mission, we are very proud and excited for what we can do for Canadians. We have helped thousands of families already and we look forward to helping yours. Our team at Discover Cash Flow is here for you. We welcome you to our Discover Cash Flow community where we consider our clients and coaches family.

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Peter Antony
Co-Founder & COO


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