Frequently Asked

What can I expect from the Discover CashFlow experience?

At Discover Cash Flow we pride ourselves on educating our clients though our complimentary Wealth Blueprint process. It is a simple no cost and no obligation process. You will learn all of your options for simplifying your wealth, increasing your cash flow all in one written game plan.

How does it work?

It’s Simple! Book your complimentary personalized Blueprint one-on-one session with one of our experts.

Is there a cost?

The Discover Cash Flow Blueprint has no out of pocket cost. Our fee if any is tied into the Wealth Blueprint and is a small portion of the wealth we create for you. It is only activated at the end of the process after you are happy with the written results for you and your family’s future.

How are you different from a bank or refinance company?

Discover Cash Flow is a unique and powerful program that combines some of the top experts in wealth management, real estate, and mortgages who work on one Blueprint to create wealth for your family.

When has your financial adviser met with your mortgage or insurance agent to create a written game plan for you? Good question, right? How will you reach your wealth and retirement goals with no written game plan?